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The staff interface has built-in functionality to request the GPS co-ordinates from your phone that can plot both the sitter's location and the client's home location on the map for each assigned service.

Note: to view the client's home location, the full client address will need to be entered in their client record. See Client Details for more information on how to do this.


To ensure this feature is set up correctly, your phone's "Location Services" must be set up to allow access to your phone's location in your settings. If you are unsure how to do this you can read more on our Help pages for Android phones and iPhones

If you still are experiencing issues with connectivity where you are not achieving a consistently accurate location, read our help page about understanding how GPS and Location Accuracy issues may occur.


Navigate to Staff Interface > My Dashboard > My Services

STEP 1​​

How do I view the Location tab from a Service Screen?

  • Tap the Location tab at the bottom of the screen from the individual service detail to see the GPS map.

  • The location marker identifies where your phone thinks you are currently.

  • Where the GPS co-ordinates are displayed, you can tap the link "View larger map" for more options.


  • The larger map opens in Google Maps (or your phone's mapping function) displaying the GPS location of where the phone thinks you are.

Note: Don't click "Directions" here as it will try to get you back to where you are standing!


  • To get directions to the client's address (as entered in their client record), tap the address link.


  • The location of the client's home will be displayed, plus the option to use the phone's navigation to get directions.



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